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WarnerMedia’s Tiered Streaming Plan Takes Shape - The Hollywood Reporter (December 2018)

Jeffrey Katzenberg’s Quibi Will Enlist Third-Party Distributors to Find Mobile Video Subscribers - Digiday (December 2018)

AT&T Sale of Hulu Stake Could Net It Nearly $1 Billion After Two Years of Gains - Deadline (December 2018)

Trade Tensions Ain’t Over Yet, and Google’s CEO Readies for Washington (interview starts at 18:15 minute mark) - Cheddar (December 2018)

“Friends” Fans Up in Arms Over Show Leaving Netflix in January - (December 2018)

Streaming Video Industry Is About to Get Way Crowded - KGO Radio (San Francisco) (November 2018)

Not Everyone Is Willing to Pay for Subscriptions. Just Ask YouTube - USA Today (November 2018)

The Fearless Five Media-Tech Companies of 2018 - KTLA Television (November 2018)

“We Wanted People to Know We Were Big”: How Defy Media Went from YouTube Heavyweight to Abrupt Shutdown - Digiday (November 2018)

Disney versus Netflix: Disney’s Secret Weapon Is Content (Radio Interview) - NPR (November 2018)

In WarnerMedia’s Consolidation of Streaming Services, Otter Media Emerges a Winner - Digiday (November 2018)

"This Is a Big Boy’s Game Now”: DramaFever Is a Casualty of the Big-Money OTT War - Digiday (October 2018)

What Would Netflix Do Without ‘Friends’? - Deadline (October 2018)

The Athletic Gets Into Video By Licensing a Show From The Players’ Tribune - Digiday (October 2018)

Crunchyroll Is Getting Into Mobile Gaming - Digiday (September 2018)

Netflix Reaches for Emmys Milestone, But Can It Outpace HBO? - Reuters (September 2018)

TV Networks Get In On the Live Trivia App Trend Even As the Hype Cools - Digiday (September 2018)

Can Katzenberg's NewTV Crack the Code for Mobile Video Where Others Have Failed? - Mobile Marketer (September 2018)

The Rush to Streaming Services Give Rise to a New Crop of Digital Holding Company - Digiday (August 2018)

3 Big Questions About Jeffrey Katzenberg's Billion-Dollar Gamble on Premium Mobile TV - Variety (August 2018)

News Publishers Are Using Their Brands to Carve Out Space on TV Screens - Digiday (August 2018)

How Meg Whitman Views the Future of Video - Los Angeles Business Journal (August 2018)

Jeffrey Katzenberg & Meg Whitman's $1 Billion Bet: Bring Hollywood Quality to Digital Video - Los Angeles Times (August 2018)

Snapchat Starts to Syndicate Video Shows on Discover - Digiday (July 2018)

"Never Had a Chance": Inside Verizon's $1 Billion Bad Bet on Go90 - Digiday (July 2018)

AT&T Will Have a Growing Direct-to-Consumer Video Play Once It Fully Buys Otter Media - Digiday (June 2018)

Disney v. Comcast Showdown: Who Needs the Fox Assets More? - TheWrap (June 2018)

Why Hulu Matters So Much in the Disney-Comcast Fight Over Fox - Fast Company (June 2018)

Publishers Are Wrestling with Facebook's Desire to Own Facebook-Funded Watch Shows - Digiday (May 2018)

Disney and Twitter to Create Live ESPN Shows - With ABC and Marvel on the Way - NBC News (April 2018)

Why Netflix & Amazon Are Experimenting with Short-Form Programming - Digiday (April 2018)

Merger Mayhem: Media Companies Scramble to Bulk Up in Order to Survive - Variety (April 2018)

Like Many Content Creators, YouTube Shooter Had a Grievance With the Video Site.  No One Expected It to Turn Violent - Los Angeles Times (April 2018)

The 5 Biggest Threats to Facebook After the Cambridge Analytica Fiasco - TheWrap (March 2018)

Technology & Storytelling/"Healthy Paranoia" Podcast - Beasley Media (March 2018)

Netflix's Deal Terms Pose a Conundrum for TV Studios - Digiday (March 2008)

Communicators - CES 2018 - Peter Csathy Interviewed - C-SPAN (February 2018)

In Raiding Prolific TV Producer Ryan Murphy, Netflix Rains on the Disney/Fox Parade - Los Angeles Times (February 2018)

Netflix Flexes Its Muscle Again As It Spends Big to Lure Top Talent From Networks - Los Angeles Times (February 2018)

Snap's "Comeback Story": What Comes Next for Snapchat? - TheWrap (February 2018)

CES 2018 Special Report: 6 Must Read Interviews on the Biggest Tech Trends - Motley Fool (January 2018) 

YouTube Changed Its Ad Rules to Appease Advertisers.  YouTubers Say They're The Ones Paying for It - Los Angeles Times (January 2018)

Google vs. Amazon, Facebook Watch and a Blackout: What We Learned from CES 2018 - Digiday (January 2018)

OTT Video Takes Center Stage for TV Networks at CES - Digiday (January 2018)

With Majority Stake In Hulu, Disney Could Take a Run at Netflix - Los Angeles Times (December 2017)

Canine Movie Star Benji Is Ready for His Close-up on Netflix - Los Angeles Times (December 2017)

Disney Has Struck an Industry-Changing Deal, and Now "Everybody Is Talking to Everybody" - Business Insider (December 2017)

Ten Predictions for Digital Media In 2018 - TechCrunch (December 2017)

Television Interview "Media 2.0 (18)" - KUSI (December 2017)

Would Disney, With Control of Hulu and Fox Studios, Have Formula for Netflix Killer? - Variety (December 2017)

Why Fox Buyout Could Make Disney 'Most Powerful Company' in Hollywood - TheWrap (December 2017)

How Disney's Streaming Dreams and Nightmares Over Silicon Valley Invasion Drove Fox Deal - Deadline (December 2017)

Why Netflix Is In For a Tough 2018 - USA Today (December 2017)

Pivot to Nowhere: The Once-Vibrant Market for Digital Video Series Has Deteriorated - Digiday (December 2017)

Snapchat's Redesign: Lifesaver or Death Rattle? - TheWrap (November 2017)

Fox-Disney Deal Would Redraw Battle Lines: "Content Is the Weapon of Choice" - Deadline (November 2017)

Hawke Media Pioneers Contract Marketing - Los Angeles Business Journal (November 2017)

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Is Augmented Reality for Real? - Los Angeles Business Journal (October 2017)

Amazon Studios Looks to Shake Up the Movie Business as it Moves Into Self-Distribution - Variety (September 2017)

With Hulu's Top Emmy Win for "The Handmaid's Tale," a Streaming Underdog Comes of Age - Los Angeles Times (September 2017)

Spotify, Apple Music Plot Divergent Video Strategies - Billboard (September 2017)

Better Call Netflix? Streaming Platforms Poaching Top TV Talent - Reuters (September 2017)

After Two Years, Spotify Has Struggled to Break Through with Video - Digiday (September 2017)

What We Learned from the Roku IPO Filing: It Needs Ads - USA Today (September 2017)

Horror Video Start-Up Crypt TV Is Building a Scary Universe for the Smallest Screens - Los Angeles Times (August 2017)

The Future of Media & Technology (Video) - The Washington Post (August 2017)

Streaming Wars: The Escalating Battle for Canadian Screens - Toronto Globe & Mail (August 2017)

Netflix and Amazon Just Launched an "All-Out War" for Top TV Talent - The Street (August 2017)

Netflix Should Be Afraid of Disney's OTT Play - TechCrunch (August 2017)

Might Disney Add Music to Its New Streaming Services - Billboard (August 2017)

Disney's Streaming Dreams: How Disruptive Is Its Netflix-Style Strategy, Really? - Variety (August 2017)

Netflix Faces a New Challenge as Disney Strikes Back with Its Own Streaming Service - Los Angeles Times (August 2017)

Disney Shares Tumble on Weak Q3 Results - CFO (August 2017)

Why Snapchat's First Batch of Original Shows Favor Reality TV and News Genres - Digiday (August 2017)

In Break with Netflix, Disney's Streaming Aims to Dominate Children's Programming - The Washington Post (August 2017)

Disney to Offer Two Streaming Services and End Its Distribution Agreement with Netflix - Los Angeles Times (August 2017)

The Newest Place to Premiere Shows: Amazon Video - Digiday (July 2017)

Beyond Lip-Synching Videos: Ventures Into Professionally Produced Shows - Digiday (July 2017)

Verizon Seals $4.5 Billion Yahoo Purchase as Mayer Heads Out - Bloomberg (June 2017)

New Video Distribution Options Set Off Scramble by Digital Studios - Digiday (June 2017)

The WannaCry Global Ransomware Cyber-Attack - Interview of Peter Csathy - KUSI News (May 2017)

Facebook Live Acts Against Live-Streaming Crime - SBS Radio Australia (May 2017)

Strike Watch: How Social Media Could Be a Potent Weapon for WGA - Variety (May 2017)

Can Facebook Solve Its Violent Video Problem? - CNET (April 2017)

Inside Netflix's New Partnership with Baidu-owned iQiYi - Digiday (April 2017)

The State of Media & Digital Media - Interview of Peter Csathy - KUSI News (March 2017)

NBCUniversal Steps Up Its Digital Push with $500-Million Investment in Snap - Los Angeles Times (March 2017)

Is Snapchat a Media Company? Even Hollywood Can't Decide - Los Angeles Times (March 2017)

Ahead of Its IPO, the Snapchat Backlash Is In Full Swing - Digiday (March 2017)

Experts Weigh In on YouTube TV and the Future of Cable - Realscreen (March 2017)

Vice's Big Bet on Mobile TV in the Age of Facebook and YouTube - The Street (February 2017)

Jeffrey Katzenberg Raised a Shrek-Sized Amount of Money - Investopedia (January 2017)

Former DreamWorks Chief Jeffrey Katzenberg raises nearly $600 million - Los Angeles Times (January 2017)

Stubbs Alderton Eyes Early-Stage Media, Tech Investments in Pact With Creatv Media’s Peter Csathy - Variety (January 2017)

What's next in streaming 2017 - USA Today (December 2016)

2017 Technology Predictions - KUSI News (December 2016)

Top 10 digital media predictions for 2017 - TechCrunch (December, 2016)

Bold Tech M&A Predictions for 2017: Netflix, Twitter, GoPro in Play - Investor's Business Daily (December 2016)

YouTube's stars gripe as Facebook shakes up digital video - USA Today (December, 2016)

Yahoo’s new billion-account data breach could threaten $4.8 billion sale to Verizon - East Bay Times (December, 2016)

Watch new movies at home...if Apple gets its way - Mashable (December, 2016)

Google’s green achievement attacked by Trump linked group - The Mercury News (December, 2016)

Scale-hungry Facebook video publishers are in trouble if they don't think long term - Digiday (November, 2016)

Is Netflix Disney’s next big buy and is Reed Hastings its next CEO? - TechCrunch (November, 2016)

Stars’ Media Sites Draw Major Players Into Orbit - Los Angeles Business Journal (November 2016)

Yahoo Sale to Verizon May Fail after Revelation - The Mercury News (November, 2016)

What Time Warner-AT&T Alliance Means for You - USA Today (October, 2016)

AT&T Seeks to Shake Up Pay TV - The Wall Street Journal (October, 2016)

Warner Bros. Nears Deal to Acquire Machinima - Variety (October, 2016)

What brands can learn from McDonald's YouTube fail - Digiday (October, 2016)

Whether it’s Disney, Amazon, or Apple, someone’s definitely going to buy Netflix - TechCrunch (October, 2016)

How Defy Media defied the YouTube network label - Digiday (September, 2016)

Comcast to become a wireless carrier in 2017 - Marketplace (September, 2016)

Thom Beers, Back in TV Production Game - Variety (August, 2016)

Sorry Digital Media Kids, 'Old Media' is Going to Eat You - Digiday (August, 2016)

Media Companies Threaten to Blast Apart Pay-TV Bundles - Variety (August, 2016)

Will Verizon's Big Yahoo Content Play Work? - The Hollywood Reporter (July, 2016)

Yahoo + AOL Gives Verizon Scale, But Can It Be a Mobile-Media Powerhouse - Variety (July, 2016)

Turkey Coup, Brought to You via Live Stream on Facebook, Periscope - USA Today (July, 2016)

L.A. Start-Ups Hunting for Video Stars Raise a Combined $56 MM - Los Angeles Times (July 5, 2016)

Whatever happened to MCNs? - TechCrunch (June 10, 2016)

Peter Csathy Exits Manatt to Form Independent Media Investment and Advisory Firm - Variety (June, 2016)

Csathy Gets Creatv With New Consulting Firm - MediaPost (June, 2016)

Interview with Peter Csathy, CREATV Media - SocalTech (June, 2016)

Peter Csathy Leaves Manatt Digital to Launch Creatv Media Consulting and Investment Firm - VideoInk (June, 2016)

Where Yahoo's Entertainment Media Play Went Wrong - Los Angeles Times (June 3, 2016)

Tastemade Rivals BuzzFeed for Mobile Food Video Views - USA Today (May 27, 2016)

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Amazon Launches YouTube-Like Video Service - The Wall Street Journal (May 10, 2016)

Katzenberg's Next Act: Digital Media Kingpin? - The Hollywood Reporter (April 29, 2016)

Predictions on the Future of Digital Media - TechCrunch (Peter Csathy article January 10, 2016)