"No one sums up the current media maelstrom better than Peter Csathy. His latest book is a must-read for anyone in the entertainment industry, particularly those hoping to make sense of this brave new mobile, digital, and fractured world.  Brilliant and compelling."

-- Brent Lang, Variety

"An invaluable guide to the ever-growing, constantly-shifting and often-confusing array of star players in the new media universe."

 -- Zack O'Malley Greenburg, Forbes

“Peter Csathy navigates the wild west of digital media with skill and precision. His salient insights are delivered in a way that is compelling, entertaining and completely accessible. He renders a rapidly changing industry a little less intimidating.”

— David Ng, Los Angeles Times

“Csathy delivers an approachable, thorough and enlightening account of the ever-evolving media landscape. Consider this a blueprint to navigate the twists and turns of the world of new media.”

— David Kretzmann, The Motley Fool

"Peter Csathy's new book is a 'must read' for both insiders and outsiders -- anybody -- interested in the business of digital media."

-- Sahil Patel, Digiday

"Peter Csathy sees the media world and where it's going like very few can.  I recommend his book highly.  If you touch anything close to the media and tech worlds, consider this mandatory reading."

-- Jon Miller, Former CEO AOL

"Csathy delivers an entertaining, informed and incisive read on the state of digital media -- and where it's headed -- along with practical tips for navigating the industry's shifting tides."

-- Todd Spangler, Variety

"Lively and informative. Csathy has long been the go-to expert for writers to make sense of the rapidly evolving media landscape.  A great guide to the 'tech-tonic' shifts to come."

-- Dawn Chmielewski, Deadline

"Congrats to Peter Csathy, proving again that he is one of the few top industry execs who can lay out and dissect -- in a great read -- the near-term meaning and long range implications of the investment, deal-making and strategic wins and losses in our day-to-day digital landscape.  Whether you're a biz dev exec in a media company or a day-trader in tech, ‘Fearless Media’ will give you a strategic edge on your fiercest competitors."

-- Victor Harwood, President, Digital Hollywood

"A thought-provoking and fascinating look into what the future of media could be in 2019."

-- Jim Louderback, CEO, VidCon

"Peter Csathy is one of the smartest guys in new media."

-- Jefferson Graham, USA TODAY

synopsis of FEARLESS MEDIA


“Media 2.0” represents our tech-transformed new media and entertainment world, the ever-accelerating pace of which is astounding. Media 2.0 impacts all of us.  In ways we realize, but many (most?) we don’t, and won’t until we look back years from now. “Fearless Media“ is a call for bold and even sometimes audacious action to beat back hyper-competition and thrive amidst Media 2.0’s frenetic waters.

Peter Csathy's upcoming new book, FEARLESS MEDIA, features exclusive interviews with more than 30 key CEOs, investors & influencers and takes you on a journey of how technology has transformed the world of content, offering a detailed snapshot of today’s new media world — including Internet-driven over-the-top (OTT) video, music, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), eSports, and tech-transformed live events.  Csathy identifies today’s new media leaders, identifies their strengths and vulnerabilities, highlights 2018’s Media 2.0 headline stories, and names his “Fearless Five” companies that made the boldest and most audacious Media 2.0 moves in 2018.

Csathy also lays out a detailed roadmap of where the digital media world is going in 2019 and beyond via his renowned “Top 10” predictions — and identifies concrete strategies and actions to immediately leverage the power of Media 2.0. To take action, and be fearless!

KUSI Television interviews Peter Csathy about Netflix’s Q3 2018 earnings, as well as his upcoming new book.