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"No one sums up the current media maelstrom better than Peter Csathy. His latest book is a must-read for anyone in the entertainment industry, particularly those hoping to make sense of this brave new mobile, digital, and fractured world. Brilliant and compelling.” Brent Lang, Variety

“An invaluable guide to the new media universe.” Zack O’Malley Greenburg, Forbes

“Csathy navigates the wild west of digital media with skill and precision. His salient insights are delivered in a way that is compelling, entertaining and completely accessible." David Ng, The Los Angeles Times

“Approachable, thorough, and enlightening. Consider this a blueprint to navigate the twists and turns of the world of new media.” David Kretzmann, The Motley Fool

“Consider this mandatory reading.” Jon Miller, Former CEO, AOL

“Lively and informative. ‘Fearless Media’ is a great guide to the 'tech-tonic' shifts to come.” Dawn Chmielewski, Forbes

“A great read. Whether you're a biz dev exec in a media company or a day-trader in tech, ‘Fearless Media’ will give you a strategic edge on your fiercest competitors.” Victor Harwood, Digital Hollywood

“A 'must read' for anybody interested in the business of digital.” Sahil Patel, Digiday

“Peter Csathy is one of the smartest guys in new media.” Jefferson Graham, USA Today



FEARLESS MEDIA is Peter Csathy's critically-acclaimed new book that takes you on a journey of how technology has transformed the worlds of media and entertainment (what Csathy calls "Media 2.0"), and how tech giants came to be the new media giants. FEARLESS MEDIA celebrates the bold and audacious — the fearless — actions that separated today's new media "winners" from its "losers." The book, which is both for novices and experts alike, gives readers a deep understanding of where this tech-driven media and entertainment journey has led us — to today’s multi-platform world of Internet-driven over-the-top (OTT) video, streaming music, extended reality (virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality), eSports, and live events. It also offers a glimpse into how artificial intelligence and blockchain technology will further transform the media business, as well as our overall entertainment "experiences." Csathy identifies today’s leading Media 2.0 players and innovators, analyzes their strengths, strategies and risks, and names his “Fearless Five” companies that made the boldest and most audacious Media 2.0 moves in 2018.

FEARLESS MEDIA also lays out a detailed roadmap of where the Media 2.0 world is going in 2019 and beyond via Csathy's renowned “Top 10” predictions and exclusive interviews with over 30 leading media and tech executives, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and influencers. Finally, Csathy identifies concrete strategies and specific actions that readers can take to immediately become active participants and change agents who confidently and boldly leverage the power of these new (and frequently frenetic) tech-driven media and entertainment times. Throughout this journey, Csathy sprinkles in his trademark humor to make it all entertaining and engaging.

FEARLESS MEDIA is for anyone interested in the worlds of media, entertainment and technology — executives, entrepreneurs, investors, influencers, artists, creators, consumers and students.